Vinyl Sessions #18 x Loopuyt: Haylayf DJ & DJ Klapsalon

Friday  17 November  2017  5:24 PM
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Last update 18/11/2017

♫ From personal collections to Panenka's turntables, record lovers share their gems from the shelves in a cozy social atmosphere ♫

-- Special edition with VINYL and CASSETTES --

From record fairs to abandoned attics and from living room shelves to forgotten bassement boxes, great music waits to be discovered, played, rewinded and played again. These fellas have been searching far and wide and will share some of the best catch with us at this special edition. Join the fun, hear the stories!

♫ Haylayf DJ - the deejay project of Cengiz Mengüç. Besides working as graphic designer and events programmer at MONO, he spends his time collecting music and organising events such as Anadolu Ekspres celebrating his Turkish-Dutch roots. His eclectic musical taste ranges from fuzzy psych to clattering percussions, weird cassette-tape rips to forgotten pop-music, leftfield, kraut, wave and Italo.

♫ D.J. Klapsalon - back from a metaphysical exile from science he extends with courtesy savant cocktails to galvanize and regenerate your mind and body. He rolls internationally deep with several dj collectives including Anadolu Ekspres (Rotterdam, NL), Midlight rec. (Rotterdam, NL), and Fumisteries (Paris, FR)

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Panenka Bar
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