Tea and coffee are always the beginning of great things 2019 xx

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Last update 22/04/2019

So our meetups are an absolute success- thankyou!!! Moving forward I hope to bring more wonderful people together for a mingle and natter over tea and coffee (cake is always good too) and just have a wonderful, loving, welcoming afternoon with like minded souls. These meetups are a lovely break in the month to reconnect with people, but I also hope that it doesnt just stop there- keep up the connections, share numbers, create your own meetups during the week. This is hopefully just an easy introduction to meeting people and the rest is up to you :) old and new faces ALWAYS welcome. xxx

disclaimer: I am not a therapist, just a person wanting to connect other people as I understand so painfully well the detrimental impact of loneliness/mental health issues can have on our lives, moreso living in such a vibrant city as Amsterdam (there are people everywhere yet not enough connections!!) however I can not give people the full attention they may need as I have my own issues/business/job/life/relationship to harvest. Please keep this in mind. I organise the monthly meetups, and the rest has to be down to you :)

• What we'll do:
A lovely introduction to lovely people.
The first step is always the hardest (even typing this is hard!!!) so lets take it slow and meet up for a couple of hours over a tea/coffee, and get the hardest part over with. A gentle introduction to hopefully making new like minded friends who understand the struggles of living with mental health issues, and/or loneliness xxx

• Important to know:
Understand that this can be a struggle for people, so be gentle and understanding. If this is a breeze for you, then wonderful! But lets be aware of individuals feelings, and anxieties, thankyou :)

• Annoying but super important to know:
Please pay your bill upon ordering, or especially upon leaving. We will lose our reservation at this cafe is we continue to have unpaid bills. thankyou :)

Lots of love, Sian xxx

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Remise 47
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