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Last update 01/06/2019

Why do we have an EDYC?

To highlight local deaf youth clubs and to introduce European Deaf young people to these clubs, European Union of the Deaf Youth introduced European Deaf Youth Capital in 2015. As activities were always organised at European or national levels, now local Deaf youth clubs have the chance to show what their cities have to offer!
What are the aims of EDYC 2019?

The motto of EDYC2019 is short and yet powerful: Nothing tops deaf. This is based on the motto of the city of Groningen, which says Nothing tops Groningen. With this motto we want to aim to highlight the qualities of Deaf young people, as educators, entrepreneurs, travellers, role models, stars, and many more. We will translate this into our program, which will be very versatile and has a lot to offer to everyone who wants to visit Groningen, whatever age you are.

Support us!

With your donation you can support the evenement! You can pay anything you want. We offer you goodies, tickets or the placement of your logo on our website.

Bronze (€ 50):​

  • Logo placement (website, program book) - small size

  • A booth at our EXPO with 25% discount (when you are over 35 years old)

Silver (€ 250):​

  • Logo placement (website, program book, newsletter) - medium size

  • Half page in full-color in our program book

  • Goodie bag insert (maximum of one item)

  • Free all-package ticket for one person

  • A booth at our EXPO with 50% discount (when you are over 35 years old)

Gold (€ 500):​

  • Logo placement (website, program book, newsletter, movies, goodiebag, banners and all other publications) - large size

  • One page in full-color in our program book

  • Showing of your promotion video (max. 40 seconds) to be shown during breaks in any of our program slots

  • Goodie bag insert (maximum of two items)

  • Free all-package ticket for two persons

  • Free booth at the EXPO

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