Snow Queen ballet 13.04.19 again in The Hague

Saturday  13 April  2019  3:00 PM    Saturday  13 April  2019 4:00 PM
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Last update 14/04/2019

Ballet “SNOW QUEEN”- best entertainment for Saturday for the whole family.
Academy of Classical Russian Ballet The Hague / Rotterdam presents:
Beautiful and interesting ballet for children and adults, best entertainment for Saturday for the whole family, must see!
Short story of the ballet “SNOW QUEEN
By Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale
Little evil trolls had stolen a magic ice mirror from the Snow Queen, the mistress of the boundless northern expanses, and smashed it to pieces.
The children rejoiced in the freshly fallen snow while playing snowballs and suddenly a splinter of the magic mirror got into Kai's eye, so that he became evil and began to see the whole world in a different way. His heart turned into cold ice. And the Snow Queen, who arrived from the North Pole, took Kai to her domain.
Kai's friend, a little girl named Gerda, cried for a very long time, and then, heartbroken, went out to look for him all over the world. She met a wise Crow and a capricious Princess, Chief of Robbers with his gang and the northern Reindeer who helped Gerda to reach the very edge of the earth - the North Pole, where Gerda finally found her Kai.
But Kai's heart is still a piece of ice. Will Gerda succeed to defeat the enchantment of the Snow Queen and to free her friend Kai?
Let's watch our fairytale...

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