Public & Private Blockchains for Business. Ethereum vs. Hyperledger Fabric

Saturday  21 July  2018  9:00 AM    Saturday  21 July  2018 5:00 PM
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1-Day Instructor-led Classroom Training for Non-Technical Experts and Business Development Experts

This intensive course is designed for non-technical experts in Fintech, Insurance, and Commodities space exploring:

- ways to overcome limitations of centralized systems
- innovative approaches and products built on blockchain
- use cases of blockchain specific for Insurance, commodities trading and financial instruments
- action items and stages to launch a corporate blockchain initiative

Attendees will learn essentials of public and private blockchains, compare use cases built on Ethereum and Hyperledger frameworks, and see how to deploy a private blockchain network.


Non-technical business executives evaluating and making decisions on applying blockchain for business needs: Customer relations, Logistics, Trade channels, Finance and IT.


1. Understand how Ethereum and Hyperledger frameworks serve multiple functions in various industries, and make projection to your business

2. Brainstorm the use cases for your company

3. Practice with a DEMO-network developed for a real-life use case and learn:
- How well Ethereum suits B2C business
- How to deploy a Hyperledger Fabric network; roles and permits management
- How network participants interact and how smart contracts fulfil their functions
- Transactions processing and maintaining the distributed ledger


- Bring your laptop with Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.x


Ticket cost: $450 per person for 1-day class.
Full program, tickets and other dates available HERE.

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About the Organizer:
Altoros is a digital transformation consultancy that has built a reputation in blockchain space. We are an active member of Hyperledger project. We have built a number of blockchain application prototypes for insurance and financial services clients and conducted a number of technical courses on Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 in the US, Europe, and Dubai.

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