PLAY DATE 2 > Stencil Techniques and Patterns

Saturday  30 March  2019  1:00 PM    Saturday  30 March  2019 4:00 PM
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PLAY DATE 2 >> Stencil Techniques and Patterns with SIDNEY WAERTS
In our first two PLAY DATE, artist Sidney Waerts will share some stencil-techniques he has learned over the years, using them on many projects. In the second stencil workshop, we will continue working on our own portrait-stencils but from another approach. We are going to make a collective artwork combined with free hand painting and stencilling.
Stencils and patterns can change the way you think and provide you new creative ideas. There are a huge variety of techniques of stencils and you will learn several of them in this first workshop with the help of Sidney. Stencils are very sustainable because they can be used endlessly. If you’ve cut your 1st stencil, you immediately feel the need to do more. You might think it is very challenging to create your own stencils at first. But with this workshop, you will understand the process which will help you to take the next step: create more complex stencils such as ‘different-color-layered’ stencils, patterns and wallpapers.
Both workshops are for all levels. It is not a must to take the first workshop to participate to the second.
LANGUAGE>> English
Salwa Foundation will supply all the materials for this workshop. We have limited space for 8 people. RSVP and being there in time is important.
Let us know if you have any difficulties with the contribution or language.
Sidney worked for the advertising industry for over 15 years. Being a designer and art-director at the agencies he signed up with, he also worked as a freelance Illustrator for other clients like magazines, clubs and other agencies.
In 2007 Sidney completely dedicated himself to his paintings and there for he needed to let go his carrier in advertising. He started to work on his painting for a whole year and in 2008 he had his first solo exhibition. After this succes he worked with several galleries internationally who represented his paintings and sculptures. Between exhibitions Sid was asked for mural projects in restaurants, clubs and bars, social painting projects and many more things. Working on different things is a big motivation for him. In his opinion it's the freedom he needs to keep an open mind, instead of pinning himself down to one direction.
The diversity brings him great inspiration and insight.
Since 2016 Sidney also works as a teamleader and designer for Favela Painting. An organization that sets out painting projects to change the social inviremonts of poor communities internationally.
Working with people from different communities, doing workshops and making mural paintings gives Sidney the right balance between his isolation in the studio and being socially active to keep himself grounded.
Salwa Foundation offers a platform for people at the beginning of their art-career to exchange experiences and learn from each other. Salwa offers personal coaching, professional assistance with creating portfolios and organizes excursions and talks, where already established artist share the challenges they encountered and how they handled them.
Salwa is the name of the grandmother of Yara Said. Yara is an artist from Syria, now living in Amsterdam. Her own experiences of coming to the Netherlands and finding the right directions to establish her own professional art practice, have motivated her to start this foundation, which she named after the person that she misses so much.

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