Empowerment trainer en inspirator voor sensitieve,smart-ass professionals.

My special gift to see easy trough people and processes, supports me to coach and train you the way you require to excel and to be the person you want to be, to empower the unique potential that lies within you.
I support you to:

• Find more Focus& Balance in your (working) life,
• Increase your level of peace and satisfaction!
• Working more effectively, efficiently and satisfying
• Improving your time management and planning skills
• Following up on your implementation steps
• Start or increase your own business

As a coach and trainer I am specialized in:

• Networking
• Carreer coaching
• Business coaching
• Business Development
• For highly ( gifted) adults
• Adults with traits of ADHD,
• Autisme.

Being an excellent networker, matchmaker, and job acquisitor, can be very convenient for you, as well as my guidance with writing your application letter and resume. By adjusting your LinkedIn Profile, and use social media for personal or business presentation I can help you to start or increase your own business.

Specialties: (ADHD) coaching,(highly) gifted coaching, HSS/HSP coaching, business coaching, talentcoach, career counselling, solution- focused coaching, trainer career orientation, trainer job interviewing , jobcoaching, job acquisition, IPS, IRB, family- and system constellations, core quadrants, creation spiral, EFT,TA

I organize talent network seminars, workshops and offer in-company workshops and training as well as individual coaching sessions.

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Getting interested? If you consider signing up for a session or a seminar, I offer you a free group session or a network activity to enable you to get to know me better and find out by yourself if you want to work with me.
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