Oculus Veterinary Business Management Summit November 2018- Netherlands– Companion Animal

Wednesday  14 November  2018  6:30 PM    Saturday  17 November  2018 4:00 PM
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Last update 18/11/2018

Date: Companion Animal Wednesday, November 14th 18:30 – Saturday, November 17th 16:00

Location: Eden Hotel “The Manor Amsterdam”


Financing large investments in your practice and how to get a return.

Veterinary practice gets more and more sophisticated with the availability of high end diagnostic equipment very often requiring new construction work in the clinic. But also for veterinarians on the road a lot of smart high tech wearable machines are available. How do you decide on buying and financing and do you really know if this investment is profitable? We will walk you through some examples and provide you tools to work with.

Key performance indicators to measure success or failure in your practice.

Just as we use a general examination for our sick patients and follow them over a period of time, we have Key Performance Indicators that can help us assess the health of our practice. What are the right ones for you and where can you find them? We will help you to do the “clinical examination” of your veterinary practice.

Technology integration in veterinary practice.

Having more and more patient information available within the practice like patient files, radiographs, MRI, CT, video’s, pictures, ultrasound, laboratory results etc. etc. is a fact of life and we should be happy with this. However, how does all this information communicate, where do I find it and how can I share this with my colleagues, assistants, customers, referring vets? Integration is key, saves time and reduces mistakes. We will show you how this can work for the benefit of your practice.

Using new digital platforms to communicate with your customers and your colleagues.

New means of communication with your (potential) customers are key in modern veterinary care. Only a website, or availability by telephone does not suffice. The new generation of customers is ruling the world through their smartphones. New information from animal wearables with new technology is put on your doorstep. This session will show you how you can deal with this.

Team Diversity, understanding the power of having a diverse team and how it works.

Practicing veterinary medicine is a team effort. This training will lead to a better understanding of one’s role in a team. In this module 9 different team roles will be explained. Via a small test the participant will determine her or his preferred roles. Next it will help to recognize the differences of characters within the team and how to deal with these. Finally we will look at the team composition and it will become clear how you recognize a well-balanced team.

Creating and Leading a High Performance Team.

Knowing your team is important for all team players but how to lead this team particularly in the stress of day to day practice. This training will give basic theory on what makes a high performing team, on team development stages and team leadership. Participants will take a thorough look at the own team performance, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and work on action planning to improve future teamwork and put theory into practice.


Rob Kieboom, Rob Kieboom Consulting, the Netherlands

Ingo Fraedrich, VetZ, Germany

Mike Pownall, Oculus Insights, Canada

Bob Magnus, Oculus Insights, USA

Joop Loomans, Oculus Insights, the Netherlands

Social Program

The Venue is located in the upcoming part of eastern Amsterdam. We will have excellent bars and restaurants and we are very close to world-class Museums, Breweries, Canals, so who knows?

Registration Fee

Price for the full program including all scientific content, tools and access to the presentations on slideshare, all meals and drinks, social program and three day hotel accommodation including breakfast at the venue is € 2.900. Registration For registration please send an email to jloomans@oculusinsights.net

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The Eden The Manor Amsterdam
Noordhollandstraat 71 1081 AS, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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