Modern Science of Yoga Practice

Saturday  23 February  2019  10:00 AM    Saturday  23 February  2019 4:00 PM
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Modern Science of Meditation

The study of the human body and mind are important, we believe at Network Yoga Therapy. The understanding of your brain (and that of your students) will help to deepen your practice and teaching. 

In 2019 we start a series of Masterclasses led by Irina Simanova (PhD, RYT200) and Anneke Sips (RN, ERYT 500, C-IAYT). In this Masterclasses, we will present recent scientific research on the critical components of yoga: meditation, breathing, mantra, and movement, and how science applies in yoga.

The next Masterclass is about: Meditation.

We will summarise what Western science knows or does not know about meditation. Irina will summarise what the Western science does or does not know about meditation. Anneke will investigate what this means in practice.

Expect to learn about this:

  • What does our brain do when we meditate: the link between meditation and cognitive processe

  • Brain imaging research on advance meditators

  • What is the difference between different types of meditation? (focused attention meditation, observing thought meditation, loving-kindness meditation)

  • Can meditation change or cure you? Known short-term and long-term effects of meditation in healthy people and in people suffering from depression, attention disorders, and anxiety

  • The dark side of meditation: research on negative experiences in meditators

  • ​​​​​The Masterclass will include a Compassion Based Hatha Yoga practice. You will learn how to integrate the scientific insights into your yoga practice and teaching.

Special Offer: The Yoga Therapy Conference 2019 Ticket

This Masterclass is a pre-Conference event, it's connected. This means that all people who join The Yoga Therapy Conference on May 10 + 11, 2019 in Amsterdam will benefit a 40% discount on this cours. Make sure you choose the 'Conferene Ticket' when you book. If you didn't book the Conference yet, this could be a great moment to do it and enjoy the benefits.

We hope to meet you in Amsterdam!

Irina & Anneke

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