Kick-off Caravan of Love

Thursday  7 December  2017  8:00 PM    Thursday  7 December  2017 10:00 PM
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Kick-off Caravan of Love: A Co-creative Journey into the New Economy

What will the new economy look like? Do we still use money? What role will the internet play? Do we still have to learn and work? Where can I add my talents to this quest? Should I invest in bitcoin? Is blockchain the answer? What about alternative currencies? Commons? Timebanks? Craig's list?

Our market economy is not a free market, the free market is a utopia. But even if our economy would be a free market, there still would be winners and losers. This is because there are people that want to win at the cost of others.

And you? What do you want? We don’t want to win at your cost, we want to cooperate. So how do we do that? Without creating winners and losers? Trade is the sting, because trade is what you do when you don’t trust each other. People that trust each other share, like you do at home, at the kitchen table. The new economy is one global kitchen table. From this vision we start a co-creative journey into the new economy: the Caravan of Love.

We start this magical journey thursday evening 7 dec at 20:00 in the theater of the tropical institute, Linneausstraat 2a, Amsterdam. will play with us the five steps from the travel guide for an inner journey into the share economy:

Doors open from 19:30 hours. This event is free of charge.

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DEBUT Amsterdam
Linneausstraat 2, Amsterdam, 1092, Netherlands
DEBUT Amsterdam
Linneausstraat 2, Amsterdam, 1092, Netherlands