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Thursday  18 April  2019  6:00 PM
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Last update 19/04/2019

A Sunday morning session with Kambo. This frog Medicine is a powerful detox of the body. The purpose is to take out the excess yellow bile that is accumulated in the stomach so that the whole system can benefit from an open receptive state.
* Benefits of Kambo
Kambo is one of the strongest, natural ways to strengthen the immune system and a powerful detox for the liver and the intestines. Kambo helps the body to cleanse out deposits left in the cells and boost its biological functions. Kambo in its original form is a holistic treatment. It is very helpful in processes that have to do with addiction and depression because it helps to form new neurological connections in the brain.
* What happens in a session?
A Kambo treatment is a strong and short experience and will last about 40 minutes. We burn small holes in the upper layer of the skin so that the medicine can enter the body via the lymphatic system. After this you need to drink about 2 liters of water to help the purging. The heart rate will get faster and most people feel a wave of heat rushing through the body. You will feel nauseous of the physical and emotional toxins being released. The toxins are collected by the water and most people will start purging at this point. After an hour or so you will feel better and you can start eating normally again. The real benefits you will feel the next morning.
For a session with Kambo your stomach needs to be empty. Part of the work is to share your intention. A session with Kambo takes about 30-40 minutes. There is a warm soup afterwards. Generally you will be able to drive back home after the session. Kambo works mostly on the physical body and is not a psycho active medicine.
The contribution for the Kambo Circle is 85eu. Advanced booking is recommended. Please email: info@kamboamsterdam.com
If you want to know more about Kambo please visit our website www.kamboamsterdam.com.

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