Gratis OPEN DAG Afrodance IN Eindhoven met VAL MOON

Tuesday  23 April  2019  8:30 PM    Tuesday  23 April  2019 9:30 PM
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Last update 24/04/2019

Gratis Open dag Afrodance in Eindhoven
Datum: 23 April 2019
Eerste Les vanaf 30 April
10 Weken
Price: €100/p
losse lessen: €15/u
schrijf je in voor April 15? Dan ontvang je een korting van €10
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Volledige prijsregistratie op onze website:
Date: 23 April 2019
First Lessons starts on April 30 (Only people who have a paid subscription will be allowed access)
10 WEEKS course
Price: €100/p
1-hour drop-in class: €15/u
Register for the course before the 15th April and get a €10 discount.
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Full Price registration on our website:
Q: And how long is a class?
A: A class will be 1 hour.
Q: How many days per week do we have classes and what day?
A: We have classes once per week every Tuesdays.
Q: Where can I pay for this course?
A: You can purchase a subscription by messaging us, pay in cash during the free open day or via our website:
Q: How do I get the discount?
A: People who pay as from now till April 15 pay with a discount of €10. And after that, they will only be able to pay the full price at the location (April 23) during our free open day.
Q: When is the free open day (TRY OUT)?
A: Our free open day will be on April 23. We recommend you to reserve your free ticket online via our website.
Q: When is the first lesson?
A: The official lesson starts on April 30, 2019. Only people who paid will be allowed access.
Q: Where can I park?
A: There is free parking in the neighbourhood.
Q: How accessible is the location?
A: Easily accessible by public transport and personal car, and we have free parking.
Q: Do I need any experience?
A: You do not need to have any experience.
After the free open day, you will be able to choose and register for your level. Therefore, joining the free open day will be the best way for you to determine your class group and level.
Q: What is the duration of the course?
A: The course will be running for 10 weeks (Please note that public holidays might be adjusted. Read our general terms and conditions)
*The above might be subjected to changes.
NB: By subscribing to our courses, you automatically agree to our general terms and conditions and also to our privacy policy. Please refer to our website to read more.

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Bayeuxlaan 9, 5654 AX Eindhoven, Nederland
5654 ax, eindhoven, nederland
Bayeuxlaan 9, 5654 AX Eindhoven, Nederland
5654 ax, eindhoven, nederland