Frontend Developer Love 2020

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Frontend Developer Love 2020
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From Wed 19 February 2020 to Fri 21 February 2020
From Wednesday 19 February 2020 to Friday 21 February 2020
9:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Frontend Developer Love brings together Global Frontend Javascript leaders and is the Largest Javascript Conference in the Netherlands. 1000+ Attendees per day for 3 Full Days traveling from over 50+ countries around the World. 3 Full Days of Talks from over 30+ Speakers including 2 Days Dedicated to Vuejs Amsterdam. 

Taking place at the Greatest Conference Venue in the World, Theater Amsterdam. Global Javascript Leaders converge to offer Attendees the best experience ever with a wide range of topics

Join us for 3 Days of Phenomenal Talks covering 00's of Javascript Topics with a huge sprinkle of Vuejs 

Over 350+ Tickets are already sold with Tickets selling out faster than previous years! To create more space we have a Lower Attendance capacity at Frontend Developer 2020 so grab them Tickets now at a good price, while they last. Don’t miss out on what will be the Best Frontend Developer Conference yet


Here is a list of the hottest topics to be presented at Frontend Developer Love Day One which is February 19th 2020:

Serverless, Unit Testing, Deno & Typescript, Performance at Rest, Solving the right problems, Micro Frontends Pros and Cons, Advantages of React, Angular & Vue (Stop the War), Graphql, Frameworks vs Boilerplate, Webpack, JS & IOT, How to start a Project considering UX Design & Wireframing, Working in Multi Discplinary Teams & Web Assembly

Add to that a list of topics to be presented February 20th & 21st during Vuejs Amsterdam 2020

Vue 3, Vue Animations, Vue-ui, Vue-Apollo, Nodepack, Vue + Graphql, Vue Hooks, Nuxtjs, Nuxt 3, Modular Approach, Progressive Web Apps PWA, BoostrapVue & A11Y, Vuetify, Quasar Framework, Vue-Press, Vue Composition API, Nuxtpress, Vue Store Front, Debugging Vue Apps, Vue Community Guide and many more topics to be announced




Evan You
Creator of Vue.js
Topic: State of Vue.js 2020


Emma Wedekind

Design systems at LogemeIn, Ladybug Podcast and CodingCoach


Callum Macrae

Author of Vue.js: Up and Running
Topic: Accessibility and Climate Change!

Tony Edwards

Education outreach for @SWcornwall. Most of @KernowDAT, half of @FutureSynConf and a smidge of @exploremish.
Topic: Beats, Rhyms and Unit Tests

Sarah Drasner
Head of DX at Netlify
Core Team Member of Vue.js

Marcus Blankenship
Leadership Coach Author, Management Trainer, Geek. 
Topic: Become as good a leader as you are a coder.

Yan Cui
AWS Serverless Hero, Independent consultant. Speaker, Blogger and Author of Developer Advocate at @Lumigo. 


Damian Dulisz
Consultant and Core Team member of Vue.js

Eduardo San Martin Morote
Core Team Member of Vue.js



Kye Hohenberger

Creator of CSS-in-JS library Emotion



Guillaume Chau
Senior Frontend Engineer at Livestorm & Core Team Member of Vue.js

Core Team Member of Vue.js
Vue Community Landscape
Teacher at vueandme


Nader Dabit
Senior Developer Advocate at AWS Amplify


Natalia Tepluhina
Core Team Member of Vue.js

Adam Jahr
Vue News Podcast Host, VueMastery Vue.js Teacher and Community Partner
Topic: Authentication from Scratch

Filip Rakowski
Co-Founder of VueStorefront

Thorsten Lünborg
Vue.js Core Team, Open Source Enthusiast and Product Owner

Gregg Pollack
Founder VueMastery and teaching developers Vue.js at VueMastery.
Topic: Vue 3's Composition API Explained Visually

John Leider
Creator of Vuetify

Maya Shavin
Senior Frontend Developer at Cloudinary, writer at Trainingstack and Tryultimate and Core Team Member of StorefrontUI.

Rahul Kadyan 
Vue.js Core Team Member
Topic: New Vue. New Compiler. New Possibilities

Pooya Parsa
Nuxt.js Core Team Member and Vue.js Community Partner

Sébastien Chopin
Nuxt.js co-author and Vue.js Community Partner


Alex Chopin
Nuxt.js co-author and Vue.js Community Partner

Brought to you by Frontend Love and powered by Passionate People

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