Sexual Transformation Weekend Training Desire, Shame & Guilt

Friday  14 September  2018  1:05 PM    Sunday  16 September  2018 5:00 PM
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Sex is fantastic and your sexuality is the most intimate aspect of who you are.​ It has to do with how you feel about being male or female, how comfortable you are with your body, your genitals, your sexual expressions and relationships.

Sex is the fundament your whole life is built on, you are born from sex and your sexual energy is what thrives you.  But instead of nourishing the sexual energy, honoring sexuality and deeply connect with the sexual parts, we suppress desires and we hide ourselves behind shame and guilt.

 How is it possible that something so profound, can sometimes feel so bad and get’s labeled as dirty? How is it possible that something so beautiful can feel disconnected and empty?

I know there are moments we can't get enough of it, we open easily for more pleasure, more connection and more fulfillment. But on other times things aren’t going quite that well. 

​Performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, decreased libido, porn addiction, obsession, stress, inability to get wet, negative body image, suppressing desires, feeling guilty..…there are many ways we struggle with sex.

When we are young we think that by the time we will be grown-ups, sex will carry no mystery for us anymore. Unfortunately the opposite is true for many of us. ​Although sex brings abundant opportunities to have more sensuality, energy, love, care & nourishment in our lives, it often activates feelings of anxiety, shame and guilt instead of the "promised" love and freedom. 

Yes, sexuality has the power to open deep fields of ecstasy, so how come we often feel unworthy and unsatisfied? In this Sexual Transformation Training we will take a look at your sexual landscape. 

 We will peel off the layers to discover what is holding you back. We will lay a foundation for new ways of interacting with the body, desire, sex & intimacy.  Through liberated practices and techniques you will free yourself from unresolved issues around the body, intimacy and sex.  

In this training nothing is left unspoken, everything is welcome in the space. But be aware, there will be no fluffing around, you must be prepared to be called on your shit (with love of course) and be willing to dive deep.

​There will be a safe space for sexual exploration while at the same time we will work with clear boundaries and guided practices ​There will be intimate touch, connection, nudity and sexual intimacy.  The main focus is Sexual Transformation, so although parts in the training can be sexual, if you come to  live out your desires this is not the place for you. 

​Desire, Shame and Guilt is a level 2 training, this means if you haven't followed one of my other trainings, I invite you to connect with me first. 




Practical information

Friday             14 Sept 20.00 - 22.00

Saturday        15 Sept 10.30 - 17.00

Sunday           16 Sept 10.30 - 17.00

De Ruimte,  Amsterdam


Early Bird                     €  380,-

Regular Bird                €  420,- 

*Till 1th September


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De Ruimte
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
De Ruimte
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands