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Tuesday  29 May  2018  2:30 PM    Tuesday  29 May  2018 4:30 PM
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Last update 30/05/2018

We all face numerous challenges in our lives; sometimes it seems on a daily basis. The colleague at work who isn’t easy to get along with; the news that a loved one (or yourself) is sick; the project that isn’t going the way you wanted it to; the traffic jam that made you late for your appointment… How is it that some people seem to bounce back more easily from adversity than others?
Is this something that you’re born with or can you develop resiliency skills? Well, just like a muscle, it can be trained!

What will you take away? In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn practical tips to apply in your daily life, to ensure you build your resiliency muscle. Something both you and your organization will benefit from!

Your Facilitator: Mary Jane Roy of KEYSTONE success

Date: Tuesday, May 29th, 2018
Time: 14.30 – 16.30

Number of Participants: Minimum of 8 to a maximum of 15
Cost: 35 euros per person. All funds will be donated to Bridge2Hope Foundation to help the victims of the human trafficking
Payment: Please make a bank transfer to Friends of Webster, IBAN: NL95ABNA0406854777

Additional information: Parking is free in the area. Light refreshments and snacks will be served. The venue has been donated by the SportCity main office.

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Elisabethhof 19, Leiderdorp, 2353, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Elisabethhof 19, Leiderdorp, 2353, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands